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Submitted on: Apr 12, 2017 at 03:47 PM
Q1: What is your Name, Age, Gender and Location?

Maikel, 15, Kinda male, Netherlands

Q2: How long have you played Planetside2, and how active are you?

since 3 years I think, long enough kek

Q3: Is this your Main Character? And how many alts (include faction) do you have?

Q4: Do you agree that by joining us, you follow Officers/Commander orders, trust in their decision and commit fully? Considering this during a serious period, these decisions will always be for the better of everybody and maximize gain (certs, xp, kd). Or to deal with a strategical situation (clear out tanks/air).

ofc, Jetsetz and Mir my daddys

Q5: Do you agree that by joining us, the ranks placed above you have a higher authority and priority and are able to "micro manage" how you operate as long as the highest ranking's order is respected. Eg- Commander says attack The Crown, Officers order to place sundies (at the crown), Elites may ask for your help to be their gunner to escort the sundy. That is fine as long as everyone follows the general order.


Q6: Do you have any significant difficulties that may affect your gaming experience? Eg- Non-fluent in English, busy person (work/school), injury, and so on.

school atm, exams but fuck school lmao

Q7: What is your personality like? Describe key features; like being overly talkative, calm, pc-active, enjoys sports or art(Music, Design), hard working or laid back. Etc...

talkative, not very usefull words coming out of my mouth tho, basketball player, laid back lmao

Q8: What do you like doing in Planetside 2 most of the time?

Farming with my Tsar, or farming DVS on my NC or VS chars

Q9: What sort of skills (including vehicle skills such as piloting) and infantry class do you excel at? Provide as much detail as possible including information such as "Fully upgraded Medic. C4, Revive Grenade, Weapons unlocked".

most infantry stuff all certed, best semi A2G shitter around (but worse then rooyale)

Q10: How did you hear and know about us? If a member of [AGON] invited you, please provide his/her name too.

got asked by my Bae (Mir)

Q11: What makes you want to join us? And what reasons do you give us to accept you?

because I am the worst possible A2A pilot ever, and you guys need something to compensate for ur skill right?

Q12: Is there anything else you would like to say or ask us? You may fill in this box for your own queries.

nope :)

Please provide a link to your Planetside 2 Players profile stat page. (See details above)
As a part of Agon you are required to use TS for voice communication, are you ready to set up TeamSpeak?

Yes and I will speak



Although the amount of English errors in this application disgust me.
This application shall be accepted for the time of the Lanesmash season.
Applicant removed after the end of the Lanesmash season

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